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Introduction of Graphene

Wake up and purchase graphene as its high time you made news with this highly talked about nano product! If there is something interesting to the nano technological world, it is graphene, no doubt. Several atoms of carbon are brought together and bonded with immense potential to form graphene. This substance is stronger than steel and lighter than air.
With just 2 dimensions, graphene has been proved to be a very good conductor and ranks among the most researched elements of Nano Science.

Functionalized Single Layer Graphene in Aqueous Solution
  •  Alkyne functionalized
  •  Amine functionalized
  •  Azide functionalized
  •  Biotin Labeled
  •  Carboxylic acid functionalized
  •  Fluorescein FITC labeled
  •  Glucose labeled
  •  Hydroxyl functionalized
  •  PEG functionalized
  •  Thiol functionalized
    Graphene Nanopowder
  •  Graphene Platelet: Thickness 6-8 nm
  •  Graphene Platelet: Thickness 11-15 nm
    Single Layer Graphene
  •  Single Layer Graphene Flake
    Single Layer Graphene Oxide in Solution
  •  Aqueous solution

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