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Introduction To Gold Nanowires

While normal Gold is a very precious metal, Gold in nano form is very valuable element as well. Studies using gold nanoparticles have revealed the novel properties held by these particles in nano sizes, which are very different from those held by particles of normal sizes. Their extraordinary optical properties along with interesting electrical and conductive properties have made them usable in different studies for different purposes. Among the best properties of Gold Nanowires is their resistance to damage and corrosion.

 Gold NanoWires

 Product Number : MKN-Au-W75-xxx

 CAS Number : 7440-57-5

 Formula : Au

 Product Details

Gold Nanowires in Aqueous media, with CTAB capping agent
Concentration: 50 ppm
Packing: 5 mL and 25 mL

Size: Dia 75 nm
Can be supplied in various lengths of: 1 micron, 2 micron, 3 micron, 4 micron, 6 micron, 8 micron and 10 micron

Also available: Gold Nanowires (with special capping agents) readily dispersible in:
Acetone, Acetonitrile, DMSO, DMF, Ethanol, Methanol

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